Body Massages

World Natural Spa offers a wide range of traditional and exotic massages.

Deep Spa Massage by World Natural Spa
Revive your spirit with a deep massage. This Stratchey massage uses the best practices with impact on all five primary elements of nature in the human body.
30 minutes – €40
60 minutes – €79
90 minutes – €95
120 minutes – €110


Ayurvedic Hot Oil Massage Abhyanga
Abhyanga comes from the Ayurvedic (“knowledge of life”) science of life. This massage combines several treatments: a classic massage, aromatherapy and acupressure. This massage relaxes the muscles and soft tissue while it facilitates their elasticity.
60 minutes – €85
Anti cellulite Massage
This massage is used primarily to eliminate the appearance of cellulite in problem areas. Whilst lying face down on the massage coach, a World Natural Spa therapist brushes the skin using vigorous strokes, beginning with the calves, to move onto the backs of the legs and up to the buttock and hip areas. Dry skin brushing helps to remove dead skin cells and increases the blood circulation. Followed by an oil application to the skin with firm massage techniques to stimulate and advance the waste detoxification from the lymphatic system. The results of this massage are immediate. For long lasting results, a set of 10 sessions is recommended.
30 minutes – €40
60 minutes – €79


Prenatal Massage
This massage is an ancient practice that is great for mother and baby. It improves health and restores the harmony between the body and soul. An uplifting therapy that strengthens the bond between mother and child, whilst being deeply relaxing.
60 minutes – €79