World Natural Spa is the first natural spa in the Netherlands using only organic products. Appreciate the present moment; take care of nature and of the world surrounding us. We are here to help you in your journey. We are your hideaway to meet yourself.

The soothing atmosphere of our spa salon will make sure you get a great pampering experience. Exquisite spa treatments and highly qualified specialists are all that you need for a relaxing escape from the bustling city. In our spa, you can extensively relax and unwind. Experience the ultimate spa experience in our sauna and spa. And pamper yourself with a relaxing beauty treatment in our salon. A spa should be a place where you can fully relax. But can you still enjoy a spa and fully relax if surrounded by people you don’t know?

That’s why World Natural Spa in Schiedam is a luxury private spa, where you can enjoy without disturbances.

World Natural Spa offers a range of facilities and treatments for your enjoyment and relaxation:

  • Sauna, Jacuzzi, Traditional Turkish Hammam
  • Spa Treatments
  • Hairdresser

You can reserve the spa for you alone, or a group of max. 2-3 persons. This depends on the treatments you want to have. See here our Spa Menu

The philosophy of World Natural Spa

The five elements system from Ayurveda recognizes balance in all aspects of life. World Natural Spa uses this wisdom in their treatment. The elements are ether, air, fire, water and earth. By understanding the dominant elements inside a body, we are able to know what influences will be exerted upon the body mind and spirit. By learning this simple system, you will be able to identify the weak and strong points of your individuality and apply its balancing elements to your lifestyle. The treatments at World Natural Spa are based to restore people’s inner balance.

At World Natural Spa, we take care of the world we live in and the surrounding environment. The products used during the treatments are only made of natural materials. All our cosmetic products are not animal tested and are made from 100% natural, environmentally friendly, plant-based ingredients of premium quality.

The five golden rules of World Natural Spa

These are the five golden rules that World Natural spa lives by. 

1. Only natural luxury products
Our treatments and cosmetics are made from 100% natural, environmentally friendly plant-based ingredients of premium quality. We have more than one hundred products that are purely natural and benefit you immensely.

2. Integrity and transparency 
We are totally transparent about our products. Our products do not include any synthetic, harmful and neutral compounds. All the products used in our treatments can be seen in our spa menu (click link).

3. The philosophy of natural beauty 
Natural Treatments from World Natural Spa are tried and tested by a natural formula to keep the beauty and youth of your skin. We say “NO!” to cosmetic injections, because nature gives you everything you need to stay naturally beautiful and youthful.

4. Love and respect to all living beings 
We do not use animal tested cosmetics, or products of animal origin. Earth is our communal home. Therefore, violence and cruelty imposed by the beauty industry are out of place.

5. Clean world for our children 
The health of our planet is our major concern: all residuals of cosmetic products are biodegradable organic materials, while the packaging is made from cosmetic fully utilizable aluminum.

Come in and find out ...

About the founder World Natural Spa

Marina Gorchakova

Thank you for visiting the World Natural Spa website. My name is Marina and I am the owner of the company. I have been practising yoga for many years now and love it because it gives me inner balance. Next to that, I have been travelling all over the world, seen different countries and learning new religions. This made me dream about opening something special for myself in the spa industry. Especially because I am a fan of all natural and organic treatments concerning body and hair care. That’s why I decided to open my own spa.

The reason I chose Rotterdam is because I love this city. I studied here many years ago and it will always have a special place in my heart. I have been looking for the right area, with a luxurious appearance and a place for a private spa. So here we are, finally in the perfect spot. Our spa salon is something unusual, something conceptual. I found the best specialists who have worked in several hotels and cruise ships in the past and who share the love for the World Natural Spa concept. Come in and enjoy the luxury of our spa.